woman resting in sun


woman resting in sun
How do you care for your body when it needs rest? Most of us have busy lives and ensuring eight hours of sleep is a stretch. We’re also over stimulated and finding time where there is quiet becomes a challenge. We’re also not great at recognizing what our bodies need. Do you know what your body needs? Maybe you need a nap.

There have been a lot of studies lately on the value of napping. I love naps. I’ve come to appreciate them over the last five years for all of the benefits they provide me. They recharge, reinvigorate, and improve my mood.
A NASA study found that naps could boost performance by 34%

You might be thinking, it’s impossible for me to nap during the day. I have a respectable 9 to 5 job.
When I worked at Microsoft, I was a respectable, high achieving employee and I took naps during the day! I didn’t take naps under my desk like George Costanza. During lunch, I would drive my car down the street to a local Target store. I would park in the side parking lot, roll my seat back, and close my eyes. I slept about 30 minutes and awoke refreshed. I would drive back to work and continue on with my day.
Maybe you don’t have to sneak out of work for a nap. You might work at a progressive company that provides napping pods for their employees. Either way, finding a moment of rest is possible. Even if all you can manage is to turn off your phone and close your eyes for five minutes, you will reap benefits from giving yourself that moment.





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