Is Your Work in Alignment with Your Values?

Why in God’s name would you want the job if you couldn’t say what you believe?
Ask yourselves the question, would you want a job that in fact every day you had to get up and you had to modulate what you said and believed?Joe Biden

Do you ask yourself any of these questions?
Is this just a great position and I can’t see it? It looks good on paper.
Is it pollyannaish to be happy at work?
There just seems too many unknowns. It makes me worry and uncertain.
If I take time off to find my passion, will it hurt my ability to find another job?
I’m afraid to leave because I don’t know what I have to offer.
Most of us don’t think too deeply about whether a company’s values are in alignment with our own.
We often take a job based on salary, the hiring manager, and our growth potential within the company. Initially this might be sufficient and you may find that you’re satisfied working for that company. But over time, we may begin to find discomfort and discord between ourselves and our job. One source of discord is a misalignment between our own values and the company’s values.
In the values assessment workshop, we’ll uncover each individual’s unique values as well as individual gifts and talents. We’ll compare each individual’s values to the values of the company they currently work for and determine where synergy may or may not occur. Are you in alignment with the company? Are you in alignment with your current position?
The workshop will include a writing exercise, a guided meditation, as well as coaching from Kerstin McInnis throughout the day. This workshop duration is a total of four hours.

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