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Do you wish you could exhale?
Does your work feel like death by a thousand cuts?
Wondering where this crippling self doubt comes from?
Are you afraid to leave because you don’t know what you have to offer?

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life


Do you wish you had a driving passion for your work?
Wondering why you’re so dutiful and worried that you’ll let people down?
Have you lost your trust in your colleagues?
Wondering whether, if you take time off to find your passion, that it will hurt your ability to find another job?

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Accredited Transitional Coach, Kerstin McInnis is here to help you rediscover your passion. Kerstin uses her 18 years of experience in the corporate world to provide intuitive coaching services to corporate employees and business owners alike. She works to help her clients create a stress-free life and rediscover their self-worth.

Recently I completed a series of coaching sessions with Kerstin. The experience was eye-opening and Kerstin did a terrific job of leading and supporting me through the process. With Kerstin’s encouragement and guidance I was able to gain clarity around my long-term goals, life purpose and values. I highly recommend working with Kerstin!Heather Robertson, Seattle, WA

Your happiness and ease of living is Kerstin’s goal. Contact her today to realign with yourself and transform your life.

Transform your life

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