What Do You Need?

Many people I know are going through financial challenges right now, and I think the question of “what do I need” is frequently being asked.  It’s a very black and white thing, in a time of spending analysis, to decide what you want versus what you need.  Do you need to go out to dinner?  No.  That’s a pretty easy and quick decision.  Do you need the full package of cable channels?  Unless it impacts your job, the answer is probably no.

What about the gym membership or those yoga classes?  How much do you hunker down and avoid spending at the cost of some personal physical and mental release?  Or, would a walk or run outside provide what you need to clear your mind?  Do you hunker down so much that you avoid people?  That you stay in and keep quiet for fear someone might ask you to go out and spend money.  What does that do to your spirit?  Living in fear and self-isolation?

I think it would probably be very emotionally crushing.

It’s about finding balance.  Sometimes staying home is exactly what you need to do.  Other times, your spirit is calling for social interaction.  It’s about being present and aware to what you need and not going to extremes at the risk of your mental, physical, and spiritual health.  It’s about being kind to yourself and your present situation and not mentally or verbally flogging yourself for your past choices.   It’s about finding new ways to feed your spirit.

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So what weight do you give to what your spirit needs?  Are you paying attention to the needs of your spirit?  What ways do you feed your spirit, without impacting the bottom line?

There’s a difference between hiding at home and restoring your spirit at home. In a time where we are watching how we spend our money, choosing a night at home to consciously restore your spirit could be exactly what you need.  Whether you know it or not, allowing yourself the gift of taking a break, of taking the night off so you can refuel, could provide you with a little relief from the concerns and worry about money.  It could be as simple as cooking, painting, reading, or taking a bath while enjoying your home.

But can you be okay with staying in and being quiet?  This is why we all run around and stay so busy.  What happens when we are quiet and alone?  Do we recognize that all of that busyness isn’t satisfying us?  Do we see changes we need to make in our lives but are scared to take the step?

But, by seeing it and recognizing it, you’ve already taken the first step.


“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

– Nathaniel Branden


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