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  • Confessions From A Control Freak

    Confessions From A Control Freak

    Confessions From A Control Freak I used to be a major control freak.  My controlling tendencies ran through all parts of my life.  I tried to control everything from my extended family holiday menu to the order in which to put items in the dishwasher to every detail in my past career as an event…

  • Why Do I Coach?

    Why Do I Coach?

    Why do I coach? In early 2011, I was driving onto the Microsoft Redmond campus to attend a meeting with a client.  I was consulting at the time and had been for five years.   I knew it wasn’t my passion but I liked the flexibility, and my project, and hadn’t yet figured out what I…

  • Lessons Learned As A Solopreneur

    Lessons Learned As A Solopreneur

    Taking the leap to solopreneurship. I was speaking with someone recently who suggested that they’d like to make the leap one day and leave the corporate world.  They didn’t feel ready yet but suggested that maybe I could share my solopreneur “lessons learned”.  I loved this conversation.  I loved that they wanted to leave their…

  • Three Steps To Create A Sense Of Accomplishment

    Yesterday I was feeling grumpy.  My energy had been scattered.  My head was spinning from one task or activity to another one.  I wasn’t feeling a sense of accomplishment.  My mood was sour and feeling that my day wasn’t productive was adding to the negative mood.  I had a lot to get done and was…

  • Three Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

    Three Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

    Three Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves  This weekend I was in Seattle at the Hay House, I Can Do It Conference.  This was my first time attending one of their events.  The conference brought together 30 Hay House authors and speakers to share their wisdom and insight.  Attending this conference was an opportunity for me…

  • What Did I Learn

    What Did I Learn

    I often ask myself, “What did I learn” after going through various life experiences.  It seems that the harder lessons are the ones that really make me stop and ponder, “What was the lesson here?” On Monday there was a lot of discussion around Cam Newton’s bad attitude at the post-Superbowl press conference.  Yes, it…

  • Learning To Live Without Regrets

    Yesterday I went to visit my mom. I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. I feel that my remaining time with her is precious and I want to make the most of it. She’s nearing 86 years old. She’s in relatively good health considering her age and some of the stress she’s gone through…

  • Who’s In?

    Who’s In?

    If you want different results, do things differently.

  • More Love

    More Love

    Paris.  Beirut.  Nigeria.  Kenya last April.  I’m losing track of what happened when.  There’s been so many terrible, destructive acts.  Each day there seems to be a new story.   I’m tired of hearing these stories.  I know most of us are tired of hearing these stories.  We want things to be better. We want…

  • Win Three Months of Coaching!

    Win Three Months of Coaching!

    As many of us begin to ponder what we’re thankful for this holiday season, I know that I’m grateful to coach people.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to transition from my corporate career to coaching and helping others.  And in honor of that, I’m giving away a three month coaching package, “Leaving Your Comfort Zone”.  Here are…

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