Finding the Perfect in the Imperfect

This morning I went to yoga class.  I was really excited to go.  One of my favorite teachers was scheduled and I hadn’t been able to attend one of her classes for many months.

I was looking forward to her joy, her loving approach, and to whatever words of wisdom she would share that would fill my spirit.  It seemed, without even trying, that she could say just the right things I needed to hear.

I arrived early and found that there were only a few of us in class.  This thrilled me further: semi-private time with one of my favorite teachers.  Bliss!

Eventually the yoga teacher walked in and…it wasn’t her.  Sadness and disappointment filled me.  I needed her today.  I was hoping she could…save me.  Yes, I needed saving today.  Not in the “my life is in shambles” kind of way but I needed an emotional fill-up.  I needed someone to pat me on the back and fill me with the lighter side of life.  I was looking to my yoga teacher and class to do this for me.  What was I going to do now?

I attempted to push aside the disappointment and see the positive.  At least I was here in class and I would have a good workout.  Maybe this teacher would be really fantastic and surprise me in a new way.

We began our practice and I found that I was incredibly…bored.  The teacher kept repeating the same things over and over again.  Where was the variety?  Where was the wisdom?  Where was the food for my soul?  To add misery to my already sad state, I was positioned right in front of a clock.  I had to watch my miserable minutes slowly tick by.

An hour into class and one of the students in back slipped out.  Lucky. At least I only had thirty minutes left.  I was almost done.

In the final thirty minutes of class I started to notice something.  This simple and repetitive class was forcing me to work through my emotions on my own.  There wasn’t anyone else to save me.  I had to deal with it and I couldn’t get lost in something else.  There weren’t anyone else’s words of wisdom for me to get caught up in.  No, it was just me, my mat, and down dog and warrior 2 and exalted warrior and Vinyasa…over and over and over again.  I started to cry.  I found that in the simplicity of this teacher’s class, I was able to take care and nurture myself.  I saw the beauty of the simple class and that in the simplicity I gained so much wisdom from myself.  Within the simple, I found what I needed today.  Instead of looking outward for support, I found I could look inward and from within I could nurture myself in a new way.

Today showed me how to find the perfect in an imperfect situation.  There’s always something to learn or experience.  Allowing the process to happen you can often be surprised by what you get out of a situation.
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