Baby Steps to the Job of Your Dreams

small steps, move mountains

I’m currently in Las Vegas for a tradeshow.  It’s not a tradeshow of any interest to me but I have to be here.  When I’m not coaching, I manage tradeshow production.  I’ve done this work for so many years I’ve lost count.  I can do the job with my eyes closed.  It pays the bills.  However, I don’t love it.  I haven’t loved it for many years.  It was fun when I first started and everything was new.  But things changed and I changed and what I want is dramatically different now.

It’s hard to put energy into something you don’t want.  Your heart isn’t in it.  You feel depleted rather than energized by it.

What should you do when you’re in this situation?  Pay attention to how the job or situation is making you feel and use that awareness to propel you in the direction that you do want.  Get quiet with yourself and hear your inner guidance.  What is it telling you?  Maybe all you know is that you don’t like what you do and you want to make a change.  That’s awareness.  It’s a baby step.   If you want to make a change you do have to take some sort of step.

Whenever I come to manage a tradeshow, I am thankful for what is in that present situation – the financial opportunity it provides me & the travel that I get to enjoy.  Then I think about what would it really look like if I was doing what I love.  What if I was at a tradeshow for coaching?  I use the energy of noticing what I don’t want, to think and dream about what I do want.  Then I think about one baby step I can take to make it a reality.

Here’s how you can put this into practice for yourself:

1. Set aside some time to be quiet and reflect.  Breathe.  Breathe into your gut, into your 2nd chakra.  Push your belly out and really feel the breath in there.

2. What you love about your current job? What do you hate?  Write it down in two separate columns.

3. On a separate piece of paper, write down what your ideal job would entail.  Don’t get specific about what company.  Dream, don’t edit yourself.  For example, help people, flexible schedule, own my business, one-to-one connections, travel the world.  Title the paper with the title you would like to have such as “Life Coach”.  Or if you don’t know a title, just say “My Dream Job”.

4. Lastly, what would one step towards your new job look like?  Is it researching a seminar to attend and saving money for it?  Is it setting up a networking appointment?  Is it attending a local networking event.

Continue to dream about your new job and take baby steps towards it.  Eventually you’ll find you’ve taken enough baby steps to arrive at your destination.






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