Who’s in Your Self-Care Pit Crew?

We hear it all the time – it’s important to take care of ourselves.  The airplane safety rule has become more popular outside of the plane: “Place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others”.  We know that we are only capable of taking care of others and doing our best in life when we care for ourselves as well.  We know it, we hear it, but are we doing it?

I find again and again that we aren’t doing enough to take care for ourselves.  We’re tired and run down and we often don’t know how to care for ourselves.

I think that we all need a “self-care” pit crew.  A racing pit crew usually consists of 5-20 mechanics.  The crew works efficiently to get the car into top shape so that it can go out and do what it’s meant to do.  The pit crew is also there so that the car can carry less fuel and be lighter and faster in the race.  That sounds great to me!  If I could be lighter, faster, and more efficient just by checking in with some self-care specialists, I’d want to do it all the time.

I have a number of self-care specialists that I see on a regular basis.  For spinal care, I see a chiropractor who practices “Network Care”.  His name is Dr. Dick Shepard.  Getting weekly adjustments releases tension and dis-ease in my body. Network care is practiced through a gentle, low-force approach.  Not only are the spinal manipulations gentle and low-force, so is Dr. Dick Shepard.  I’ve not once felt any pressure to come in more often or jump through hoops that other chiropractors have suggested.

I also have an acupuncturist and mentor who I have worked with for five years.  Ellen Newhouse has provided a safety net in my life to figure out major life transitions and grow as a person, in addition to keeping me well.

Yoga provides incredible mental and physical support in my life.  I love attending yoga at Haute Yoga on Queen Anne and especially love classes by Jennifer Isaacson and Silvia Mordini.  Both provide more than just yoga instruction as they feed my soul each class.

We can also have tools as part of our self-care.  Tools like daily meditation, exercise, and the food we eat are all part of our self-care.

We also have close friends, family members, and co-workers in our pit crew.  They’re people we can turn to for support and a willing ear.

Coaches also provide support and a willing ear but the difference is that coaches support you to take action and keep accountable to your goals, ask questions to help you gain a greater understanding, and provide objective feedback.

Could a coach help you today?  I’d love to help!



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