give yourself permission

When I was little, like most young children, I had to ask permission to do most things. Could I go to a friend’s house? Could I take a class? Permission was required from my parents because I wasn’t an adult. I wasn’t capable of doing these things on my own. I most likely needed their help to accomplish whatever it was I was asking.

As an adult, there are areas of my life where I still seek permission. You could argue it’s because of the strict nature, with which my father ran his household, that the need to seek permission is ingrained in me. However my older siblings would say he got soft with me. He wasn’t so strict but he was a marine and once a marine…

Most of us seek permission in various areas of our lives. Whether it’s to switch careers or take a vacation, there’s someone, outside of ourselves, that we look to validate our choice.

So as an adult, fully capable of doing & accomplishing most anything, why would you need permission?

Beneath the request for permission is a desire to be acknowledged and approved. When we stop to ask another person what they think of whether or not we should do something, we’re seeking acknowledgement in our choice and permission to take the step we desire. We want to know that everything is going to be okay if we make this choice.

We’re asking “am I enough”? Am I enough to want to do this? Do I deserve this? Am I worth this opportunity/choice/reward?

Believing that you are enough and that you deserve whatever you desire comes from within. It comes from daily affirmation in who you are and what you want for yourself. It’s letting go of negativity and believing the positive. When I coach someone I talk about the 98% that’s going well in their lives.

Remember how courageous and strong you are. Listen to your intuition and trust that you will make the right decision for yourself. Give yourself permission this week to do what supports you.






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