Moving Past the Fear.

sometimes what you're most afraid of doing will set you free

I posted on my Facebook page a link to today’s Daily Buddha post, “Love Your Work”.  We’ve all heard this message so much and I think we all truly want to follow this advice.  I believe in this advice.

For many people though, loving your work & following your bliss, may require a leap of faith from your current situation.  Your current career may not be filled with love and bliss.  Many people may not even know that they aren’t filled with love and bliss as they go off to work day in and day out.  They just go.  It’s a habit.  It’s a duty.  The concept of having a joyful experience while doing it may be foreign.   And for most, if they stop to feel what’s going on within, they may notice that there’s a lot of fear.   There’s fear around taking that leap into something blissful.  Maybe it feels too good to be true.  Maybe they’re scared of a life filled with exactly what they want.  Maybe they prefer things exactly as they are – no changes, thank you very much.

But once we notice that there’s fear around making a step or staking a claim into your bliss, you may notice there’s also empowerment.  It’s like a Bogeyman, finally seen in the light of day.  There’s really nothing to be afraid of is there?  Seth Godin is right, “if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try”.

So notice the fear, acknowledge that you’re scared and be gentle with yourself as you begin your journey, taking one baby step at a time into bliss.  It may take months for you to make a leap or it may take a day.  All that matters is that you’re taking the steps.



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