Life’s Hurdles

life's hurdles

When I was in high school, I had a friend who ran the hurdles. She was a year older, a few inches taller than me and with very long lean legs. Watching her run the hurdles was a beautiful sight. I probably only watched her once but it stuck with me. She raced down the track, arms poised in 90-degree angles, and gracefully leapt over each hurdle, perfectly pacing her stride to the next hurdle, until she crossed the finish line.

I always try to think very positively but I’m pretty sure I’d knock each hurdle over if I tried to run them like my friend. My hipbone comes to the top of a hurdle and my legs are built like a gymnast, not long and lean like a distance runner. If I took off down the track, my friend as my inspiration, and with only the most positive thoughts convincing myself I could gracefully leap over a hurdle, I’m sure I’d catch my foot and topple over.

We’ve all got hurdles in life. If we want to move forward, we have to get over them. We don’t have to do it all the same way. My approach to life’s hurdles might look more like – run, place step stool, stand on step stool, reach one leg over and hop other leg over hurdle, run to next hurdle, and repeat. My hurdles might require a little help.

There are other times when I am running my fastest that I might actually fly over a hurdle with little assistance only to come to a dead stop at the next hurdle. I might need a rest and time to evaluate how to get over the next one.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a hurdle and instead of trying to find a solution, we only get angry at the hurdle for existing. What is there to learn about why it is there? What does it make you do? If you can get past your anger about it’s existence, you’ll probably find some underlying emotions about your overall situation. That hurdle has given you pause. Thank the situation (hurdle) for allowing you some time to reflect on what truly matters and giving you clarity for what you really want.

It doesn’t matter how you get over a hurdle. What matters is that you get over them.  Notice what you learn about yourself as you go through each hurdle. Taking time to contemplate your approach and problem solving of life’s hurdles will give great insight into who you are, what matters to you and why it matters.





2 responses to “Life’s Hurdles”

  1. ellennewhouse Avatar

    Oh yes, oh yes! I love this piece…it rings very true to me at this point as I am dealing with one of my very own hurdle that looks like a huge ELEPHANT! Maybe I’ll just climb up on him and take the ride!

    1. Kerstin McInnis, A Cake Walk Life Avatar

      I love it! Ride the elephant Ellen!

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