inspiration is everywhere

Inspiration is Everywhere

inspiration is everywhere
I attended a new yoga class yesterday. When the instructor began, she let us know that today was a significant day for her. It was her first day as a full time instructor as she was no longer doing her part time job to supplement her yoga work.
I was ecstatic for her. I didn’t know her and had never been to her class before but I was thrilled that she was embarking on this journey fully. She was following her path and devoting all of her time to it. I loved her story. I clapped for her.
I smiled and tears filled the corners of my eyes. I lay back down on my mat and thought, “Ah, that’s why I came today. To hear her story and be inspired towards my own path of coaching and writing full time.”

The rest of the class didn’t go as I’d hoped. I didn’t get out of my head as I had intended, nor did I stay fully present. Instead I got caught up with my various lists as well as the actions of those around me.

But all I needed that class was to hear her story at the beginning and to let that inspiration wash over me. I went to class with an expectation but received something totally surprising.

You never know when inspiration will come. Be open to receiving. Pay attention. Inspiration is everywhere.






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