Open hands, palms up, open to receiving

I Am Open to Receiving the Gifts of the Universe

Open hands, palms up, open to receiving

Are you someone who loves to give? Do you take care of everyone else and set aside your own needs? Do you keep your troubles to yourself so that you don’t burden others?
Some of us are really good at giving. We are there at a moment’s notice for a friend. We always offer to help. We are a willing counselor, listening fully to a friend’s challenge.

But do you ever receive? The act of receiving from another person offers them a gift. It allows them to be there for you. It offers a moment of joy and service to the person giving. It provides balance in the universe.

Giving and receiving are necessary partners in the balance of life. Can you allow yourself to receive these gifts? Can you say a simple “thank you” when someone offers you a gift rather than question or bemoan the offering.
The universe works in give and take. How can you balance out your world and receive today?



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One response to “I Am Open to Receiving the Gifts of the Universe”

  1. janet Lia Avatar

    Yes that sounds all to familiar! Today I will offer to myself the gift of painting on my current artwork. Thank you for reminding me to take this time. What a great coach! I miss working with you; it was nourishing time for us both!

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