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“Home is where I want to be.  Pick me up and turn me round.” ~ Talking Heads I love the lyrics of this song.  I was never much of a Talking Heads fan until I read their lyrics.  They’re beautiful. I am moving into a new home this week.  It is the most glorious feeling to know that in a … Read More

What Would You Do For Love?

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Have you ever done something for someone but gone about it kicking and screaming? Maybe someone asked you to help them move and you really didn’t want to but knew it would be nice if you helped out. Or someone asked you to attend an event that you really didn’t want to go to but you went anyway. We often … Read More


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When I was little, like most young children, I had to ask permission to do most things. Could I go to a friend’s house? Could I take a class? Permission was required from my parents because I wasn’t an adult. I wasn’t capable of doing these things on my own. I most likely needed their help to accomplish whatever it … Read More


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Within two blocks of where I live, there is a wishing tree.  It’s a beautiful tree filled with tags that have been filled out with passerby’s wishes.  Some are innocent and sweet.  Some are pleading and desperate.  Most are heart-felt and honest. I love that strangers have stumbled upon this tree and taken the opportunity to share their wish with … Read More