believe in your own magic

Within two blocks of where I live, there is a wishing tree.  It’s a beautiful tree filled with tags that have been filled out with passerby’s wishes.  Some are innocent and sweet.  Some are pleading and desperate.  Most are heart-felt and honest.

I love that strangers have stumbled upon this tree and taken the opportunity to share their wish with the world, hoping it just might make a difference – believing in one more thing that might help their situation.  Or, deciding it doesn’t hurt to ask and put their wish out there to the world.

As I walked by today, deep in my own thoughts, I started to think about what one wish I might write on a tag and attach to the tree.   I continued past the tree contemplating my one wish and quickly realized what I needed right then.  Something big and esoteric and not very tangible but nonetheless, very helpful.  I opted to carry the wish home within my heart.

I walked by again a few hours later to capture some pictures of the tree and this time I thought again, what is my one wish?  This time another much more tangible wish came to mind and one that would supplement the first wish nicely.  I walked home thinking about that wish and imagining exactly how I’d like it to look, getting very specific about my needs.  As I was deep in thought creating the picture of my wish, my phone rang.  A man was calling in regards to the very thing I was just thinking about – potentially with an opportunity to make my wish come true.

We all have the ability to make our wishes come true.  Whether we write it on a tag and place it on a tree or create a specific picture in our mind of what we want.  Speaking, seeing, feeling, sensing, and acting on your wish helps bring it to light.  Not all of our wishes will come true today but if they are in your highest good they will come true at the right time.

Bring a little lightness to your day.  Believe in a little magic and believe in wishes coming true.

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