What Would You Do For Love?

love is the bridge, rumi

Have you ever done something for someone but gone about it kicking and screaming? Maybe someone asked you to help them move and you really didn’t want to but knew it would be nice if you helped out. Or someone asked you to attend an event that you really didn’t want to go to but you went anyway.

We often do things that we don’t want to do. We do it out of love. We do it out of compassion. Sometimes we do it because we need to fill up the favor bank because we know we’ll need something one day too.

What about when you do a favor for someone and they don’t know it? What if you feel that you have to do it? What if you do that unknown favor, kicking and screaming, all the way?   Why would you do it?

I did a favor for someone today and the person I did the favor for hates me. They don’t know I did it but if they did, they’d only hate me more. They’d decline the help and die first rather than take my help. I hated helping too. I didn’t want to do it but I saw it as a solution for another person in my life. It most likely isn’t a  long-term solution either. It’s probably another Band-Aid on another oozing wound that won’t go away. I know this and also stated that this would be the only help I provided. It’s my boundary to try and keep myself sane in an insane situation.

I went in kicking and screaming and so mad that I had decided to help at all.

But it’s done. As I made my way out, I received an outpouring of love from two innocent bystanders of the situation. They have no idea what I did. They do know what I’ve done for them throughout their lives and that is why, as I walked out the door, they told me they loved me.

And that is why I did this favor. For them.



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