woman wearing sun hat, sun on face

What Feeds You?

woman wearing sun hat, sun on face

I’ve been thinking a lot about what feeds me. I don’t mean actual food, although that can feed me too. I’m referring to what feeds my soul.
I’ve put a lot of my favorite things on the back burner lately due to other priorities. My painting class and writing has taken a backseat. I haven’t searched out anything new either, even though I’ve been curious about a few classes.
The reason for putting off so much of what feeds me is that I’ve been consumed with very heavy issues like work, and my purpose, and finances. As I’ve been getting buried with these heavy things, I’ve pushed off those lovely things that lighten me up.

Last night I went to a concert at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. The concert was Snatam Kaur. I listen to her often but had never seen her perform. At one point, towards the end of the performance, I thought to myself, “wow, I just got feed”. It was a beautiful night of chanting and music. It filled me up like I haven’t been filled in ages.

Including the experiences and moments in our life that lighten us and feed our soul are necessary. They provide a spark in our life to inspire us. They nurture us.
It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or a significant amount of time. It just matters that you do something to nurture yourself.

Can you choose one thing to do this week that will nurture you and fill you up?






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  1. Janet lia Avatar

    Great post Kerstin. I always tell students at AWE Studio that art practice can be nurtured in simple ways such as placing flowers in a vase or listening to music, looking at nature. Art is everywhere.

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