Timing Is Everything

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This year started off with a bang but over the course of the last two weeks, it feels as if everything has slowed to a crawl.  Progress appears to be happening and I get glimpses of success but it’s all taking so much longer. I’m not very patient.  When my sister Peggy and mom refer to me, they often present … Read More

Trust. Have Faith.

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I’ve been holding on very tightly recently.  So tightly that I worried myself sick.  In the middle of the night, while I was awake worrying, I heard my two favorite yet most challenging words whispered to me: “trust” and have “faith”. These two words are the answers to all my worries yet they often seem so far away. Trust. Have … Read More

Four Tools For Dealing with Internal Conflict

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What should I do?  Have you ever asked yourself this question only for it to be followed by a long internal dialogue about pros and cons, rights and wrongs, what ifs and should dos?  It’s like a board room of lawyers are in your head arguing across a table, throwing out possibilities and scenarios. Most people have experienced this and … Read More