Timing Is Everything

trust the timing

This year started off with a bang but over the course of the last two weeks, it feels as if everything has slowed to a crawl.  Progress appears to be happening and I get glimpses of success but it’s all taking so much longer.

I’m not very patient.  When my sister Peggy and mom refer to me, they often present one open palm and proceed to slap their other open palm repeatedly on top of it as if to say “hurry it up already”.  This is a good description of how I often feel.  I think faster than I can talk and I’m ready for the next step well before I’m able to take it.  But I love life’s funny ways of slowing us down.

A couple of weeks ago, the year of the sheep began in the Chinese  calendar.  The sheep doesn’t move fast.  It gets things done but at a pace that is slow and methodical.  I’m learning to slow myself down and put more trust in knowing that things will come to completion, but not necessarily when I think they should.   History has shown me repeatedly that there is a time and place for everything.      That’s the way things always have been but I’m really noticing it the last few weeks.  It’s forcing me to breath, trust, and believe that all is right in my world.

Can you breathe a little deeper?  Trust a little more?  Believe a little stronger?





2 responses to “Timing Is Everything”

  1. Hannah Bezold Avatar
    Hannah Bezold

    Love this so much. Thank you Kerstin! <3

    1. Kerstin McInnis, A Cake Walk Life Avatar

      Thank you Hannah! I’m glad it helped.

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