Put Yourself in a Time Out

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I have been drinking from the fire hose for the last three months. A delicious fire hose. Something akin to a mojito – slightly sweet, citrus, and refreshing. However, it’s still a fire hose. And, as much as I’ve enjoyed myself the last three months, it hit me today that I have not slowed down and taken a time out for myself.

It only hit me after I hit the wall. Grumpy and exhausted from not working out, eating too much rich food and wine, and managing a hectic work and personal schedule. I haven’t taken time for myself in weeks and it showed today. I had put myself on the back burner.

We talk about the importance of taking a break when life is chaotic, hectic and stressful. What about when things are going really well and life is flowing? There’s no reason we shouldn’t still do it but we get caught up and forget. Or maybe we think that we don’t need it as much because we’re happy.

We still need it. Even when we’re happy and enjoying what life is giving us, it’s still important to have some quiet time to yourself…to breath, reset, and give back to yourself. It doesn’t even need to be a lot of time.

It is only going to add to your life. So put yourself in a time out. Force yourself to take time for yourself before you have a tantrum at the store. Everyone will thank you for it.
woman sitting on a bench

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