It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

surrender your struggle, Claire Louise Hay

This week I surrendered an issue I had been dealing with for over the last three weeks.  To a few, it might look like I gave up.  To those that saw my struggle, I gave it all I got until it just wasn’t worth it to continue.

I don’t know if it even matters the issue I was struggling with.  What does matter is what it taught me.  For a week, it taught me to not give up.  For another week, it got me to hope and look at new solutions.  By the third week, I questioned the point of the struggle.  The entire process left me so exhausted that by the time I surrendered and let it all go, I fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the day.

I didn’t want to surrender but it was the only choice in the end.  I asked myself a million questions before I gave in.  “Does this feel like the wrong option?”  “What does my gut say?”  “What do I see for myself in the future?”  Even though all my feelings felt positive what finally got me to surrender was something so basic.  It didn’t hit me until I gave the same advice to my niece.  She was easily accepted into a graduate program and couldn’t believe the ease with which it happened.  I told her, “Things aren’t supposed to be hard when they’re the right thing”.

Duh.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Right, it doesn’t have to be this hard.  I thanked my niece for helping me see the light of my own situation and promptly surrendered my fight.

It felt so good to give up the fight.  To surrender to whatever is meant to be and know that if it’s right, it will come easily.





2 responses to “It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard”

  1. Peggy McInnis Avatar
    Peggy McInnis

    You have tremendous strength and insight. I am very proud to have you as a sister. I can learn a lot from you. I should ask myself more questions. Every time I think I will have time to sit and reflect, my plans get sidetracked. I just finished a great book called The One Thing. I am working on time-blocking for myself so I can take care of the important things. Hugs & kisses. Love, Peggy

    1. Kerstin McInnis, A Cake Walk Life Avatar

      Thank you Peggy! I can learn a lot from you too! We’re always learning. love you too! Kerstin

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