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Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day!

I’m not going to discuss the facts and myths about Columbus.  There is a lot of information about him available online regarding what he did or didn’t do and the importance of him to the U.S.

What is important about Columbus, and is worth pointing out, is that he was someone who pushed aside the naysayers comments and went off in pursuit of his dreams.

If he had listened to the feedback of others, before even setting out, he may have never gone.

How quick are we to listen to others feedback before we even set out on our journey?  Are we too eager to get everyone else’s opinion before we even explore?

There’s a balance between gathering insights and information and letting those details detour you from following your path.

Maybe, like Columbus, you have one goal in mind but upon exploring you discover something entirely different.  What matters is that you do explore.

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  1. janet Lia Avatar

    I like the focus of this!
    Reminds me of little angels…

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