Creating a New Reality

I’ve been thinking a lot about diversifying – diversifying my life.

I have a tendency to be an all or nothing person.  When I was a full time employee, I earned all my income from that company and had my 401K contributions all going to company stock.  I was all in.  As a consultant, I was still earning all my income from that same company.

As I work on growing my coaching business, it’s necessary that I continue doing some marketing consulting work to pay the bills.  However, I find myself in the position of once again expecting all my income to come from one company.  I’ve agreed to take on a project for a local company and I find myself in the position of waiting for it to start and thus waiting for the income.

It has finally hit me that the idea of relying on one company to sustain me is ridiculous.

I started to think about celebrities.  For example, take a celebrity like Kim Kardashian.  From my non-exacting count, she has over ten various income channels.  This is incredibly smart.  Granted she needs to really strike while the iron is hot and the while the public is interested, but the idea of not relying on one income source leaves you with so much more control and ownership of your income and destiny.

Destiny may seem like a little overly dramatic but when you think about the idea of relying on one company to pay your mortgage and you find yourself without that paycheck what do you do?  You scramble and panic.  You take whatever comes your way and you forget about what you truly want or what’s in alignment with your values.

How great would it be to know that you have multiple income streams and when one is not providing, you know you’ve got others to supplement you?

This might seem very obvious to a lot of people and it’s even obvious to me but I’ve never treated myself, or my business this way.  I’ve treated consulting as a regular job, as if I was an employee for the company where I was consulting.

For the last five years, I’ve been scared to work too hard.  Too me, working hard meant I’d have a life like I did when I was an employee.  That life consisted of nothing but work, exhaustion, imbalance, and ultimately burnout.

I’ve come to realize a new reality.  I’m changing my reality of what it means to work hard.  To me, working hard is now about giving to myself and giving energy to my dreams and my life, and company.  I feel like I can work sixty hours a week now if it’s sixty hours for my goals and me.  I can manage 3 different careers and revenue streams because I love them all and they are mine.  It provides a new level of freedom.  I’m not relying on one company to hire me and pay me.

It’s amazing too, how much energy you have when you aren’t worrying about where your next paycheck is coming from.  There’s so much more time to create.

What do you want to create in your life?  What new reality can you define for yourself?






2 responses to “Creating a New Reality”

  1. Jacki Avatar

    Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my
    facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Kerstin McInnis, A Cake Walk Life Avatar

      Hi Jacki,
      Absolutely. I’d love it. Can you tell me more about the Facebook group?

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