coasting along; coasting through life

Coasting Along

coasting along; coasting through life
Life feels slow today. Things feel like they’re at a standstill. The funny thing is, last week and the six weeks leading up to it were very busy. It felt a little like a class three river was carrying me downstream. There wasn’t much time to pause and breathe. I was getting whisked along.
I felt uncomfortable in the pause life was giving me today. Somewhere along the line I got used to being busy. I think I’ve gotten used to being busy over the course of the last year. Life has been sweeping me along in various directions – moving, building a relationship, and assisting, along with my siblings, my aging mother and her needs.
As I felt the pause life was providing today, my first thought was that it wasn’t okay. Then I realized it’s August. It’s summer. This is the time to pause. This is the time to stay up late, go for swims, and eat ice cream. This is the time to enjoy life. If not now, when? Life will whisk me along soon enough. Can I take time to just breath and enjoy this moment?
It reminded me of a roller coaster. Can you imagine a roller coaster that didn’t include a pause before a big drop down a hill? How exhausting would life be if it was just a serious of massive drops and corkscrews without ever providing a pause to breathe and take in what you just experienced. A lot of people live this way.
I looked up various quotes on this topic and laughed as I saw how many quotes suggested to keep pushing and that coasting was a bad thing.
I want to offer that right now, coasting might be the perfect thing. September will be here soon enough and with it, that “back-to-school” excitement that permeates the air. Even for those of us not in school or without children heading to school, September brings a clean slate, a time to buckle down and throw ourselves into things with renewed energy.
So, why not coast a little right now and fill yourself up so that when that day comes, you’ll be ready and excited to go up that hill and through the next corkscrew.



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