taking baby steps on the road of life

The Importance of Taking Baby Steps

The Importance of Taking Baby Steps

Do you know the story of the struggling butterfly?  The story goes that one day a man saw a cocoon.  There was a small hole and he could see that the butterfly was struggling to get out of the cocoon.  He decided to help it and cut open the cocoon so that it could be freed.  When he did this, the butterfly died.  The parable is that the butterfly needs to struggle within the cocoon, building its strength so that its wings are strong enough to fly.  Bypassing that step, doesn’t advance the process.

Scientifically, the butterfly goes through less of a struggle to build strength but there is a process by which it needs to send important fluids to its wings to expand them for flight.  Either way, the metaphor is still appropriate.

There are times in our lives when we want to rush, skip the baby steps and just leap to the end point in our mind.  But we need the baby steps.  They are essential to our growth and they are essential to us gaining the strength we need to be ready for that big dream.

Could you imagine, for example, that you have a dream to be a Hay House author and speaker yet you’ve never spoken in public before?  Or maybe you speak around town to small groups.  Are you ready to leap to an auditorium of 500?  That’s a large leap.  Maybe you are ready and if so congratulations!  But if you aren’t, those baby steps of speaking to smaller groups are going to help you be ready for when that big opportunity arrives.

Don’t rush through and skip the baby steps.  They are essential to your growth.  They allow you to gain the strength to fly.  Love the baby steps.  Each one is leading you to take flight.






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