Hustle & Bustle

I, like many people right now, am running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I’ve got long lists of to do and seem to just keep making new to do lists, followed by consolidating these lists into larger lists.  Somehow it seems like nothing is getting done and the lists are growing.

Some of the lists are reasonable, like my grocery list or Christmas presents I still need to buy.  I’ve actually taken care of most of my present buying already so I should feel a huge sense of relief.  Somehow I don’t.  I’m starting to wonder if there is a universal need to feel rushed and busy at this time year.  The Christmas songs, which I’m listening to constantly, even suggest it – “And above all the bustle you’ll hear / Silver bells”.

Is it okay to not feel so rushed and how can I slow down and actually enjoy this time of year that is so special and that I look forward to for 11 months?

Am I adding things to my to do list that are unnecessary?  I know the answer to that is “yes”.  I think as we go through this hustle and bustle of the holiday season it’s easy to get caught up in all the activities.  You want to go to every holiday party, bake cookies for the neighbors, and take on decorating projects.  Is it necessary to do it all or does it add to the magic of the season?

I think for me, the whole season rushes by and the next thing I know it’s over, I’m up five pounds, and I’m left feeling a little empty and like I missed something good.

So how can I slow down and really enjoy this time of year and be present in the moment?  I think putting aside my phone and instead of taking my turn on “Words with Friends”, I can look out the window at the beautiful lights.  I can see friends one-on-one and share in holiday traditions like enjoying a Holiday Tea.  I can stop and think about what this time of year means for me and then see how I can embody that meaning in each day throughout the season.

I think if we all slow down a little and take that pause, we might all have the most enjoyable holiday season yet.





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