I Heart Boundaries.

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Boundaries are an amazing and powerful tool. Boundaries help you clarify what is important in your life. They tell the world and yourself that your needs are important. When I was younger I had no concept of a boundary or what that even meant. I worked when I was asked to work. I skipped workouts to spend time with friends … Read More

Noticing Resistance

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Have you ever had a task in front of you that you need to tackle but all you want to do is anything but that task? I have an assignment from a coach I’m working with. Every week that I have to tackle one of these assignments, I delay doing it. Once I finally sit down at the 11th hour … Read More

Timing Is Everything

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This year started off with a bang but over the course of the last two weeks, it feels as if everything has slowed to a crawl.  Progress appears to be happening and I get glimpses of success but it’s all taking so much longer. I’m not very patient.  When my sister Peggy and mom refer to me, they often present … Read More